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Contact us Immediately – You are bored, all over, working steadily without ever holiday or less vacation? It is already critical and the solution is the vacation to the place – an interesting place, beautiful and can entertain the heart of course. Do not know where to go on vacation? For that you do not worry because we Tiara Trekker ready to serve and take you to your destination on the island of Lombok adventure. The trick is to simply type in our number and contact Tiara Trekker directly. Places – attractions that we offer is not a regular tourist attractions – ordinary aja. With this sights you can learn also about the history with a dish of natural beauty.

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Our team that offers tourism services activities in Lombok area. our team has long established and got its own place in the hearts of the tourists both domestic and foreign because our team always put the comfort, satisfaction and security of our customers. We have been involved in adventure guide around Lombok island area since a long time ago, with our experience in serving customers from both domestic and foreign tourist, we are familiar with the characteristics of tourists from different country so we can serve them like a best friend. hospitality in serving as well as a high sense of responsibility from each of our team member is number one.

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the market we are aiming for is not only tourists with high budget but we serve backpacker tourists to also get the same service and get the equal satisfaction. we never worry about losing our customers because we always provide maximum service to all those who have used our services, so we are trying to prevented customers to leave our palace in a state of disappointment.  Here are our contacts who can be contacted.

If you want to start exploring the beauty of Lombok island this is our contact information.

We are experienced in handling a lot of tourists both from abroad and in the country so that all our team have the ability to serve people professionally but still friendly, and has many tourists who entrust us as their primary choice when they spend their holiday in Lombok. we always try to keep improving our service so that our customer will always feel satisfied and happy after using our services. We always provide maximum services to all our customers who have used the services we provide so that they can enjoy all our services and prioritize security and comfort with the warmest and kindest we always uphold and to introduce the beauty of Indonesia especially to the world.

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