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Curious About Us – My name is Tiara. A local lombok who has wide range knowledge of lombok island history, culture and art to be shared. Flexible, reliable, and always puts guest satisfaction as the main priority. I am growing up from small village located in Jl.Raya Pariwisata Senaru-Bayan North Lombok-West Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia (Post Code 83354). I have been in the tourism industry for more than 10 years. now i am working with a team (Tiara Trekker and The real adventure) and we always helping each other to run this business with other friends.

Curious About Us

Many exotic places are scattered on the island of Lombok, which takes a lot of time if you want to explore it, beautiful mountains to the beautiful wide expanse of beach stretching along the island Lombok. Lombok in general is more known because of Mount Rinjani and small island island in north lombok namely: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.Gili in sasak language mean Island.

Several years ago before the gili gili lombok known in abroad, the island only inhabited by fishermen from Bajau and Bugis, the nomads and fishermen from South Sulawesi. Almost 80% of the population is fisherman bugis and bajau, the rest are tribal origin sasak (Lombok Natives). In the future of the times, the island of Gili island with beautiful coral reefs are heard to foreign countries, then flocked guests of foreign tourists and archipelago visit the gili gili in Lombok.

This website introduces variety of vacation options in Lombok such as Rinjani Trekking Tour, Best of Lombok Tours, Sightseeing, Adventure, Animal Park, Cruises, etc. Our based is in Senaru village and close to all the major hotels and attractions in the area, but upon request we can also serve you from other part of Lombok island such as senggigi,Gili trawangan,Gili Air,Gili meno,Fink Beach,Batu payung,Tanjung Aan And Kuta Lombok. We are resposible for making sure that your tour goes smoothly and that you enjoy every part of your trip. “You choose we drive is our motto and safety is our priority.