GUNUNG RINJANI Tours in Lombok

Gunung Rinjani – Indonesia is rich in its natural beauty. Mountains, oceans, rice paddies all show how beautiful Indonesia is. . One of Indonesia’s natural attractions is Mount Rinjani. Mountain with an altitude of 3726 mdpl this, is indeed one of the choices of climbers, both climbers in the country and from abroad. How not, the story of its scattered beauty, making every climber to be challenged to explore the mountains located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Hiking trails Mount Gunung Rinjani can be said not too difficult if it has found the right path. The climbing route to Mount Rinjani has several routes to choose from. Namely Sembalun, Senaru, Timba Noah, and Torean. Usually, the climber’s favorite route is Jalan Sembuh Sembuh, because the trajectory is quite easy compared to other Rinjani Tour and Trekking routes.

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Lombok Trekking At Sembari Sembuh street, you will pass through a flat meadow. But it is important to note, sunscreen cream is highly recommended given the air can feel very hot during the day. But, in the afternoon, the air around the savanna is not too hot, and you can also enjoy the melodious bird’s chirp. There are 4 posts that must be passed on climbing Gunung Rinjani  this. That is post 1, post 2, post 3, and the last is writing Plawangan Sembalun. In this climb, it is advisable to bring enough drinking water, because not all the posts you pass there are springs.

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The Beuty Of Rinjani

The beauty of Gunung Rinjani cannot be expressed in words. Both in the morning, afternoon, afternoon, and evening, the charm of Mount Rinjani always looks magnificent. Especially in the night, where you will see the beauty of the star-studded sky. Especially if you see it while lying outside your tent. like a beautiful blanket of glittering stars. It is an experience that will never be forgotten in Rinjani Trekking Package.

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Our Tiara Trekker as Rinjani Trek Organizer is the one place that is not missed by climbers on climbing Gunung Rinjani is Lake Segara Anak. Yes, this beautiful lake can be found after climbing through two paths, namely Sembalun Climbing Path and Senaru Climbing Path. To reach the Segara Anak Lake from Jalan Panjat Sembalun, it takes about 8 hours, while through Senaru Ascent Trail, it takes at least 7 hours. In the surrounding of Lake Segara Anak. People usually do some activities such as camping, soaking in warm sulfur water, and also fishing. To reach this lake, the time is not short, but you will not regret it if you see its beauty.

Gunung Rinjani

Many things can be seen on the beautiful Gunung Rinjani. To go to Mount Rinjani. You can start from Mataram to Sembalun, East Lombok Adventure with a journey of about 2 hours. If you are outside Lombok, you can start by visiting Lombok by plane. After arriving at the airport, you have to go to Selong, East Lombok by car. After you arrive at Selong, then you continue your journey to Air Mel Market, East Lombok. When you get to Pasar Aik Mel, you go to Sembalun and you ready to start your journey of climbing Mount Rinjani. Apart from our trekking package Tiara Trekker also provides Rinjani Package Honeymoon. Which is where for you easy couples who want to get a different honeymoon sensation.

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