Rinjani Package HoneymoonLombok is in many ways similar to Bali, and in the decade of the 1990s began to be known to foreign tourists.  But with the advent of the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia in late 1997 and other accompanying crises. The tourism potential was somewhat neglected. Then in early 2000 there were ethnic and inter-religious riots throughout Lombok resulting in large-scale displacement of minorities. They mainly flee to the island of Bali. But after a while the situation has become conducive and they are back. In 2007 the tourism sector was the only sector in Lombok that developed.

Lombok island is the best location for you who want to do honeymoon. Complete tours ranging from beautiful beaches, mountains, countryside and culture.  We Tiara Trekker provide package for honeymoon in lombok and rinjani.  We also provide various package tour rinjani package HONEYMOON in Lombok Island with various budget according to time and budget have got with your partner here is option of package that you can choose is :

  • 3 day honeymoon package

Honeymoon package 3 days 2 tonight we provide for honeymoon couples who do not have much time for the holidays

  • 4-day honeymoon package

This 4 days 3 night honeymoon lombok package is very good for you and your partner who optimize short time for your holiday.

  • 5 day honeymoon package

Honeymoon tour package 5 days 4 nights is mostly in select by a couple who have more time. Come immediately to Lombok and choose the package you want to choose and make your honeymoon moment to be the most beautiful and unforgettable. for more information you can directly contact our contacts located on our website. Do not hesitate to ask for information that you do not understand or for the price of each rinjani package honeymoon.


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